Good morning world of virtual

I am back again, not by popular demand I’ll have you know but because my brain is going on think mode and I’ve nowhere to let it out so I came back here!

I’m left feeling frustrated once again with hopes of intimacy but no such luck. Talks have been had, but nothing changes. My feelings have not change and I am only human. I find my dreams having lead to intimacy with celebs and women I do not know. I of course, come clean to her about them, secretly hoping that she will get a slight bit jealous and take me like she used to do.

I get things have changed, she’s not comfortable with how she looks and she has other issues but I can’t help but feel rejected again.

I’m sure in the future it will get better, or at least o hope so. I don’t think I could manage in an in-intimate relationship. I’m only human. 💋


Good evening WordPress world

Hello you wonderful beings. How have you been? I have not been on here since last year when I was posting about being a vegan. I am pleased to tell you that phase finished but I did remain a vegetarian and have not gone back to meat! Five months in and I poo like a rabbit and my aroma from my bottom is something to be desired. I wanted to share my amazing venture with you all. As you know, my partner and I do personalised frames and mugs, if anyone is on Facebook please look for Elizabeth Williams, but now I have started to sell beautiful perfume. It smells very similar to high end perfumes but cuts out the middle man and passes the saving on to you. I would love for you to experience this wonderful opportunity and ask for details. Please find me on Facebook and you will be added to groups and shown special offers and products that you can’t miss!

Il be back but I can’t wait to share this with my online family of WordPress friends x

Day 16 and 17 to come

Hello everyone

I’m getting into quite a habit of this aren’t I? Not very blogger professional am I haha. Thing is life is just happening and I love appreciating it. I mean yesterday we all went out for a walk up to a place that made us feel on top of the world. Our children appreciate the surroundings and all the scenery.

Look at this!

What’s not to love??

Anyway not very vegan is it haha!

Day 16 was a combination. I never did take any pictures of it. To be honest I don’t think it would appeal to most. It was a taak dhal lentil curry with onion bhaji and hash browns. We ate at the cafe and my partner treated us to a soya latte and a vegan brownie. Oh it was heaven. Even my fiancée enjoyed it! Winner 😊

Today well me and my partner are going shopping for the week so il keep my eyes peeled for any vegan delights.

God bless and have a wonderful day.

Sorry sorry, it’s a three day blog again…. day 13,14 and 15 of being vegan

Good morning everyone. Another week has gone by, that bit closer to the C word!!! Are you panicking yet? I know I am. It means one more pay day til it argh!!!

Slightly went off topic then 😊anyway I’ve tried a couple of new things; here are a couple of food things I scoffed at work, not on the same day il have you know but they were very delicious.

Wednesday and Thursday were these; the wrap wasn’t gf and I did bloat again but the flavour within the wrap was amazing. The crunch of the cabbage and the smoothness of the sauce was really tasty. The item underneath was a Moroccan cous cous salad filled with seeds, raisins and lemon back flavour. It was a bit overpowering for me so I could i my eat half of it but it was light on your tummy.

Yesterday was a lazy day, after the day I had yesterday I just wanted something where I didn’t have to think about. Falafel pizza! My daughter enjoyed this even though she has put her nose up at most of my vegan dishes and my partner keeps telling me I smell like a bean 😝

Today we are off to a place for a walk and some vegan brownies. I will be sure to post a picture for you lovely lot.

Hope you are all aright and have enjoyed you week.

God bless x

Day 12 of being vegan

Hello lovely lot

How has your day been? No really, id like to know. Tell me something that has made you smile. Be lovely to hear about it. Well today what have I eaten, well I took the jalapeño and cheddar puffs to work with an alp to chocolate pud and mince pie biscuits. All washed down with a coffee and oat milk drink I have found that it doesn’t split!! Woo. It’s funny really as I received an email from 30 vegan pledge talking about how soya milk splits in a coffee and how to prevent it. It claims if you wait for the water to cool a bit and slowly warm up the milk first and then put in the coffee and sugar and the rest of the water it should be alright. I will try that at some point. Maybe tomorrow.

For my tea I had the other half of my roasted butternut squash and that was it. I did scoff 2 mince pies and some nuts just. You can’t lose weight being vegan. Well if I didn’t eat all the crap then I think I’d have a good chance at it.

Tomorrow we’ll its our children’s gymnastics lessons and also I’m on a course to improve my way of delivering maths. So another packed day!

What have you eaten today? And if you’re trying out being a vegan what interesting things have you discovered?

God bless x

Oh goodness me day 7,8,9,10 and 11


I’m sorry to all who follow and like this blog I’ve just not been on top of it. I have been looking for new and interesting vegan and gluten free food ideas.

How are you?? I do hope you are well. Has there been much variety in my food well let me upload some pictures and I will share with you..

I’m not sure if I posted this but here is dairy free custard with gluten free and dairy free shortbread biscuits. Warm custard with crunchy bits of biscuit.. heaven!!!

This was lunch on thursday when shopping with my Nan. Now the wrap was not gluten free and I did suffer afterwards with a swollen tummy but the flavour was lovely. The vegetable rolls were vegan and gluten free. I feel they would of been nicer when they are warmed up but I was starving!! I have noticed for all the followers in the uk that Morrison’s are stocking up gluten free and vegan products such as mince pies. They are a must for anyone. Delicious!!

Friday I never did take a picture of what I ate but it was a vegetable chow mein. Not egg noodles either. Rice noodles. And today well here is my Sunday meal.

Roasted butternut squash with black pepper, Linda ms vegetarian sausages, roasted cauliflower and lots of veg. No gravy but apple sauce. It was a little odd with the apple sauce but worked well. Highly recommend roasted butternut squash!

I have been watching Qi and did you know if you were to take veganism to the extreme lots of veg would not be able to be consumed due to the way bees are handled and shipped over to different places in order to pollinate certain veg like broccoli and other veg products. It leads me to this question.

How far does being a vegan go?